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Legacy Specialist &

Certified End of Life Doula (INELDA)



Volunteer Coordinator

Grief Support

Therapeutic music

Bristol Hospice Hawaii

Director of Music

St. Peter's Episcopal Church

Licensed to Perform

Marriages in Hawaii

Private Instructor

Piano, Organ, Conducting & Voice

Online & In-Person

Na Leo Malama Singers

Caring Voices


  • Na Leo Malama Singers

 Veteran's Concert
 Joyeux Noel Christmas Concert


" Many of us think that compassion drains us, but I promise you it is something that truly enlivens us."

Roshi Joan Halifax
Compassion may be defined as the capacity to be attentive to the experience of others, to wish the best for others, and to sense what will truly serve others
Roshi Joan Halifax
Dr. Joseph Eppink


Associate Professor of
Music Education & Organ
The College of Saint Rose
Coordinator of Music Education
The College of Saint Rose
Assessment Fellow
The College of Saint Rose
Conductor, Women's Chorale
The College of Saint Rose
Organist/Director of Music
St. Andrew's Episcopal


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