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Piano, Voice, Organ & Conducting Lessons

It is my goal to educate, encourage, and inspire learners in a positive and enjoyable environment! I teach to learning styles through a variety of curriculum activities, hands on theory, improvisation, learning games, technique, ear training and repertoire development.

Study music while experiencing lessons to an enjoyable and relaxed approach!




PIANO STUDENTS - I work with beginner, intermediate and advanced students ages 5 and older including beginner adult students! Piano is a wonderful instrument to learn and we'll find material that you will enjoy!

VOICE STUDENTS - Students ages 8 and older are welcomed to learn how to sing and use their voice in a healthy way! I work with beginner and intermediate students. Music will vary depending on the goals of the student.

ORGAN STUDENTS - Organ is an amazing instrument to learn! Students 10 and older are welcomed to take these lessons. I work with beginner, intermediate and advanced organists!

CONDUCTING STUDENTS - Conducting is an art that requires working with groups of people, leading them through music, teaching them the fundamentals of singing and music, and allowing them to make music! Conducting lessons are great whether you are directing hymns for the church, have a small choir, or work with a large group of people.


    A single lesson or paid weekly  

         $35 per lesson (30 minutes)

         $55 per lesson (60 minutes)

    Package Opportunity

         $30 per lesson (30 minutes) -4 lessons paid for in advance

         $50 per lesson (60 minutes) -4 lessons paid for in advance

    Multiple family members

         $25 per lesson (30 minutes) -3+ lessons each week and paid

                                                                        for in advance.

   Payments accepted via Venmo or Cash