More information on my work as an End of Life Doula & Legacy Specialist forthcoming...

From healing, music pours forth
and from music, healing is assured.

Healing propels in various forms and it is the endeavor of my research to discover just why music plays an inherent role in mind, body, and spirit. This is not a new epiphany. We all turn on music when we are sad, need motivation, or just trying to remove the tension of a long day. But what it is about sonorites that invite us to enter into the realm of healing? What it is to me and to you that signifies strength and hope?


We have encountered days of fear, abuse, trials, injustice and yet we carry on. Sometimes we carry on without healing those former cares and the heaviness increases. Sometimes these hurts are just too much and they can only be healed one small step at a time - one tone at a time. We know that "all things work together for good".. eventually... in time... in place.


I'm including some sounds that you may find to help. Active listening is the key. Can you hear high sounds, deep tones, short sounds, long sounds? Can you hear sounds getting louder or fading away. Listen... really listen... and then then write down your thoughts.


You have an opportunity to begin the process of healing through music. Music is safe and it requires nothing other than to enter its presence and listen with your mind, body, and soul. And maybe, just maybe, you will begin to experience healing.








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